Bing Search Marketing
Here's how Search Advertising works:
1. Customer searches for keywords you have selected.
2. Your ad appears on the search results page on the top and right side.
3. Customer clicks on your ad.
4. You pay only when someone clicks your ad.
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Bring your online marketing strategy to life with our complete range of solutions for advertising online.
Search Advertising
Search advertising with Bing puts your ads in front of consumers who are actively seeking information on your products, with unique profiling features to increase relevance and deliver the clicks that count.
Display Advertising
Target consumers throughout the purchase cycle with high-impact rich media formats and online banner ads across MSN Channels, Windows Live Hotmail and Windows Live Messenger.
Microsoft Media Network
Extend your online marketing campaign across Microsoft’s digital media brands and our premium partner sites such as Facebook. The Microsoft Media Network delivers powerful reach, with increased targeting and payment by performance options.
Want to Reach More Customers?
Advertise your business on search results pages powered by Bing. Since the launch of Bing, searches on Microsoft sites have grown nearly 30 percent, with 77.8 million users searching Bing every month.
Engage With Your Target Audience
Connect with the consumers who matter most to you. We can deliver your message to essential audiences such as men, moms, Latinos and young adults, whenever and wherever they go.